Carolina Rubio MacWright was born in Bogota, Colombia, where she lived until age 20, when a need for a safer place to call home was necessary. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Fine Art. After graduation, she felt the need to understand the legal system, at which point she moved to Oklahoma City where she received her Juris Doctorate Degree. Her time in Oklahoma's legal world,  opened her eyes to the realities of the broken American legal system as well as the immigration law system. Inspiration to last a lifetime and more.

She lives and works in New York.


I grew up during the Colombian conflict. Violence permeated my city -- fear and hate prevented me from being able to express, or simply be, myself. I felt imprisoned and impotent, unable to bring about change in the world around me as I witnessed the tangible aspects of freedom turn into allusive, almost mystical, ideals. My soul was drying up. I was not free.

I regained my freedom at the age of 20 upon entering the United States. Today, trained as both an artist and an attorney, I focus my attention on the theft or deprivation of freedom that my fellow brothers and sisters experienced due to crimes committed against them such as kidnapping, incarceration, or the denial of a safe and peaceful homeland.

My recent artwork embodies my passion for trying to make sense of fear and the loss of freedom. I aim to make visible the tension that exists between feelings of hope and despair so that viewers of my work might also be impassioned to deeply consider the injustices taking place today.