"Crossing I", detail.  The water jug series was inspired by the fact that immigrants crossing the border have to carry their own water in order to survive the high temperatures of the dessert.   Each canvas represents one family and each member of the family is represented by one water jug. Using embroidery and watercolor, and clothing donated by the immigrants, the artist brings to life an experience that marked their journey while crossing the border.   
 " We are all immigrants here "  The artist collected pieces of clothing that were donated by undocumented and documented immigrants.  The donation also included spoken stories about hardships faced after arriving in the U.S.  The artist sewed the American flag with the clothing items for 7 hours straight in Atlanta, Georgia.  The migrant stories were played in the background as part of the performance.   A short mention of the piece can be found here :   http://www.artsatl.com/2010/10/festival-review-castleberry-hills-one-night-flux-2010-a-triumph-of-art-spectacle-and-amusement/
 "Captured bubbles"
 "Tequila Herradura"    This piece was part of competition sponsored by Tequila Herradura in 2013. The challenge was to transform a tequila Barrel into what the artist envisioned the brand to represent.     My vision represented "moments worth toasting" with Tequila Herradura. I collected pictures of moments worth toasting from people around the world. I drew a map of the world outside of the barrel and made holes in the barrel. For each picture, I creating tubes of different colors so that they would be inserted inside the holes of the barrel. I lit up the barrel from the inside in order to make the images of these moments visible. The audience had a chance to interact with the piece and these moments in a more intimate way, by taking a look through each hole, one person at a time.